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Rail DIN

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Rail DIN


  • HDR

    HDR series industrial power supply for DIN rail

    Mean Well HDR is a series of low profile DIN rail power supplies that provide high performance, efficiency and safety. HDR series for power supplies for switch cabinet boards.

    The Mean Well HDR series consists of five models: HDR-15, HDR-30, HDR-60, HDR-100 and HDR-150. They have different output powers, from 15W to 150W, and different output effects such as 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V and 48V. When applying, you can choose the model that best suits your needs.

    The HDR series comes with a step-shaped plastic figure that can be easily snapped onto a DIN rail or wall. The HDR series also has a DC OK relay contact and an LED indicator for output status monitoring. The HDR series is suitable for a variety of industrial applications such as automation, communications, security and lighting. The HDR Series complies with UL/CUL/TUV/CB/CE safety standards and complies with EN61000-6-2 (EN50082-2) for heavy duty industrial amplification levels.

    The Mean Well HDR series features are:

    - Ultra slim design: the width of the power supply is only 17.5mm to 55mm, allowing plenty of space on the DIN rail and providing a larger installation way.

    - High Efficiency: Power supplies are up to 91% efficient, reducing power consumption and heat generation.

    - Wide operating temperature range: The power supplies can operate in the range from -30°C to +70°C, due to the fact that there are different environments.

    - Protections: The power supplies provide various protections against short circuit, overload, overvoltage and overheating, which add to their safety and additional.

    - LED indicator: Green LED indicator power supplies that shows the status of the output effect.

    - Easy installation: The power supplies can be used on a standard DIN TS35 rail using a quick mechanism. They also have screw terminals for easy wiring.

  • MDR
  • EDR
  • NDR
  • SDR
  • WDR

    MEAN WELL industrial power supplies for DIN rail, WDR series

    MEAN WELL WDR series power supplies are DIN rail power supplies with an ultra-large input range of 180-550Vac for 1-phase or 2-phase. They have a narrow width of 32 mm and are designed with high isolation 4.7 kVAC I/O (reinforced insulation). These power supplies also have protection against short circuit, overload, overvoltage and overheating. They can be mounted on a DIN TS-35/7.5 or 15 rail and have an OK DC relay contact. The WDR series is covered by a 3-year warranty.

    The MEAN WELL WDR series of power supplies includes several models with different power and output voltages. For example, the WDR-60 series includes the WDR-60-5, WDR-60-12, WDR-60-24 and WDR-60-48 which have output voltages of 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V respectively 1 Series WDR-240 includes models WDR-240-24 and WDR-240-48 with output voltages of 24V and 48V respectively

  • TDR

    MEAN WELL industrial power supplies for DIN rail TDR series

    MEAN WELL TDR series power supplies are 3-phase DIN rail power supplies with PFC and constant current. They range from 240 to 960W and have a wide input range of 340-550V AC. These power supplies are designed with high efficiency and metal housing in mind. Some models in the TDR series include the TDR-960 series, which includes the TDR-960-24 and TDR-960-48 models with an output voltage of 24V and 48V respectively, and the TDR-480 series, which includes the TDR-480-24 and TDR -480-48 with output voltages of 24V and 48V respectively.

  • DRC

    Mean Well DIN rail power supplies with UPS function

    If you are looking for reliable and versatile power supplies for your industrial or medical applications, you might want to consider Mean Well DRC power supplies. These are DIN rail type power supplies that can be easily installed and configured in various settings. They also have a built-in battery charger and a DC-UPS function that can provide backup power in case of power failure. These are AC/DC converters that offer a wide range of features and benefits, such as:

    - High efficiency and low power consumption: Mean Well DRC power supplies have an efficiency of up to 94% and a no-load power consumption of less than 0.5W, which can help you save energy and reduce costs.

    - Compact and flexible design: Mean Well DRC power supplies have a slim and compact design that can fit in various spaces and enclosures. 

    - Universal input voltage range of 85-264VAC and can operate in both constant voltage and constant current modes, which can accommodate different load requirements.

    -Low no-load power consumption of less than 0.75W. 

    - Multiple protections and safety certifications: Mean Well DRC power supplies have built-in protections against short circuit, overload, over voltage, over temperature, and battery polarity reversal. They also have safety certifications from UL, CE, CB, TUV, and CCC, which can ensure compliance with various standards and regulations.

    - Battery charger function and backup function: Mean Well DRC power supplies have a battery charger function that can charge external batteries with adjustable charging voltage and current. They also have a backup function that can switch to battery mode automatically when the AC input fails, which can provide uninterrupted power supply for critical applications.

    Mean Well DRC power supplies come in different models and specifications to suit your needs. They have a wide input range of 85-264VAC or 120-370VDC, and can output 12VDC, 24VDC, or 48VDC depending on the model. They also have a high efficiency of up to 91% and a low no-load power consumption of less than 0.75W. They are designed to operate in a wide temperature range of -30°C to +70°C and have various protections such as short circuit, overload, over voltage, and battery low cut-off.

    Mean Well DRC power supplies are also compliant with international safety standards such as UL508, UL60950-1, TUV EN60950-1, and EN60335-1. They have a MTBF of more than 500,000 hours and a warranty of 3 years. They are suitable for applications such as industrial control systems, security systems, telecom systems, medical equipment, and emergency lighting.

    If you want to learn more about Mean Well DRC power supplies or order them online, please visit our website at We are a distributor of Mean Well products and we offer competitive prices and fast delivery. We also have a team of experts who can help you with any questions or technical support you might need. Contact us today and let us help you find the best power supply solution for your project.


    DRC series power supply models and voltage versions


    DRC-40 voltage versions:

    DRC-40-A  DRC-40-B


    DRC-100 voltage versions:

    DRC-60-A  DRC-60-B


    DRC-180 voltage versions:

    DRC-180-A DRC-180-B

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