Which power supply to choose?


electronics devices - constant voltage (CV)

LED strips - constant voltage (DC) - suggested XLG series

Power LED - constant current (CC)



  • Waterproof

    MEAN WELL Waterproof Power Supplies

    Models such as: LPV, ELG, HLG, XLG are typical power supply units for outdoor applications, resistant to external conditions.

    These power supplies are characterized by the degree of IP67 or in the case of marking A - IP65 with the possibility of voltage and power adjustment.

    In addition, they can have a protective conductor in the form of a 3Y marking available for ELG HLG models.

    LPV series

    The basic series is the LPV, ending with a power of 150W (120W for the 12V version). These power supplies are enclosed in a small compact housing.

    ELG XLG series

    The ELG and XLG series are hermetic power supplies by Mean Well, already enclosed in a metal housing with many additional protections.

    XLG models are characterized by a very good ratio of quality and power to price. The XLG is a newer series than the ELG with the addition of power blocking capability.

    This feature makes them ideal for powering LED strips that like to change the resistance with warming up and consume more current.

    HLG series

    The HLG series is the highest series of power supplies with a 7-year warranty. They are designed for typically outdoor and difficult applications, having IP68 and the ability to work even at -55℃.

  • Enclosed

    MEAN WELL Enclosed Power supplies

    Models such as: RS, LRS, RSP are power supplies for indoor use.

    These power supplies are characterized by an airy housing and the ability to regulate the voltage.

    The RS and LRS models have passive cooling.

    The RSP series are already power supplies equipped not only with a PFC filter, but also

    with remote activation. Models (RSP-75/100/150) also have the ability to block the current

  • Rail DIN

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